Sutta Emails Start Tomorrow

Namo Buddhaya!

Starting tomorrow, May 15th, you will begin to get a sutta, or part of a sutta, delivered each day to your inbox.

Every day is a lot of emails! But it is not a lot of suttas. So here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t expect to understand every part of every sutta. Until we attain enlightenment, there will always be parts of the Buddha’s teachings that we don’t understand. But this should not be a hindrance to reading. Have confidence that little by little our understanding will grow.
  • Don’t let the emails build up. If you don’t have time to read a sutta, it’s ok to delete the email. You can just think a wholesome thought, such as “I’m lucky to have the chance to learn the Buddha’s teachings,” or “Buddhaṁ saranaṁ gacchāmi. Dhammaṁ saranaṁ gacchāmi. Saṅghaṁ saranaṁ gacchāmi. I go for refuge to the Buddha, Dhamma and Saṇgha.” You can always catch up by going to the website. All the suttas are archived there.
  • If possible, try and clear your mind before reading. Since reading emails is not usually done at a quite time in a peaceful space, you will need to cultivate that yourself for the moments you spend reading.
  • If email sutta reading isn’t working for you, switch to an offline sutta reading practice. The main website has lots of tips and advice for doing a sutta reading practice offline. So if you find that getting suttas by email isn’t beneficial, us that to launch a habit of daily sutta reading on your own.

If you are having any problems getting the emails or with the website, feel free to reply and we will help you get things resolved.

Happy Vesak!

May the Triple Gem protect you!

2 thoughts on “Sutta Emails Start Tomorrow”

  1. Thank you for this service to humanity _/\_ This is a great blessing and a wish come true, to be able to read the words of Lord Buddha everyday. Thank you for making it so easy and beautiful. Much wholesome kamma to all involved _/\_

    • Sadhu sadhu!

      So glad you are subscribed. Please share with your friends who might be interested.

      And remember all the translators without whom this site and service would not be possible.


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