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How to follow

The easiest way to get the suttas each day is by subscribing to the daily emails. But there are some other methods as well:

Other Email Methods

Unfortunately some email service providers (ESPs) block bulk messages as spam even before delivering them to you. This is more common with,, or any custom domain such as If your ESP does not allow you to ask them to safe-list our address ( then you may be able to get the emails delivered through an RSS to Email service.

All of the methods below are third party services and we cannot provide specific support for any of them. They all take our RSS feed ( and use that to send you an email of any new suttas posted.


Go to the Feed2Mail website. In the field labeled “Social Profile or Feed URL” paste the feed Enter whatever email address you want the emails to come to. Then click “Subscribe”. If this is the first feed you are adding, then you will have to confirm your email address. Check your inbox and follow the instructions in the email. That’s it. You are subscribed.


Start the process by registering for a free account. After you have confirmed your email address by clicking the link in the email they send you, you can go to their subscriptions page and enter the feed if it is not already filled in for you. Then click “Subscribe” and on the next page click “Save”.