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Iti 2 Dosasutta: Hate

This was said by the Lord, said by the Arahant, so I heard:

“Abandon one thing, bhikkhus, and I guarantee you non-returning. What is that one thing? Hate is that one thing, bhikkhus. Abandon that and I guarantee you non-returning.”

This is the meaning of what the Lord said. So in regard to this it was said:

Beings corrupted by hate
Go to rebirth in a bad bourn.
But having rightly understood hate,
Those with insight abandon it.
By abandoning it they never come
Back to this world again.

This too is the meaning of what was said by the Lord, so I heard.

NOTE: Non-return refers to the third stage of enlightenment when the five lower fetters have been eliminated. A non-returner will not be reborn as a human again and will be reborn at most once in the Pure Abodes before attaining full enlightenment.

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