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Read in Other Languages

Many suttas have been translated into other modern languages. It’s easy to find the ones that exist on When looking at the SuttaPlex card (either through direct link or from the parallels button, look for “translations in other modern languages)

Click on that and a list of translator names and languages will appear. In some cases, as with the German translation in the list below, you will see that side by side Pali is also available:

Set your preferred language

You can easily tell SuttaCentral what language you want to give priority to. Go to‘s home page. Click on the three dot icon in the top right corner:

Then choose your preferred language. You can still read the English translations, but now the translations of your preferred language will be easier to find.

Finding the Sutta

Follow one of the links in the email to For example:

Once you are there, Click on the Parallels icon in the top right:

Now, any translations in your preferred language will be at the top of the list. To see the other translations, just scroll down.

And if you go to the general navigation cards, you can see how many suttas are in your selected language in each book. For example, you can see below that there are no Japanese translation in the Saṁyutta Nikaya but there are 58 in the Aṅguttara:

Note: Choosing a preferred language will not always change the language on the interface. Only a few languages have this full support, as you see above in German. And of course not all suttas are translated into all languages. But SuttaCentral is a volunteer project so if you would like to help with translations in any way, please contact them!