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AN 3.65 From… Kesamutti Sutta: Kesaputtiya—”Are these things wholesome or unwholesome?”

“…What do you think, Kālāmas? When non-hatred arises in a person, is it for his welfare or for his harm?”

“For his welfare, Bhante.”

“Kālāmas, a person who is without hate, not overcome by hatred, his mind not obsessed by it, does not destroy life, take what is not given, transgress with another’s wife, or speak falsehood; nor does he encourage others to do likewise. Will that lead to his welfare and happiness for a long time?”

“Yes, Bhante.”

“What do you think, Kālāmas? Are these things wholesome or unwholesome?”

“Wholesome, Bhante.”

“Blameworthy or blameless?”

“Blameless, Bhante.”

“Censured or praised by the wise?”

“Praised by the wise, Bhante.”

“Accepted and undertaken, do they lead to welfare and happiness or not, or how do you take it?”

“Accepted and undertaken, these things lead to welfare and happiness. So we take it.”…

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