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AN 6.94 Tatiyaabhabbaṭṭhānasutta: Things That Can’t Be Done (3rd)

“Mendicants, these six things can’t be done. What six? A person accomplished in view can’t murder their mother or father or a perfected one. They can’t maliciously shed the blood of the Realized One. They can’t cause a schism in the Saṅgha. They can’t acknowledge another teacher. These are the six things that can’t be done.”

Note: A “person accomplished in view” is synonymous with a stream-enterer. A “perfected one” is the translation for “arahant.” Shedding the blood of a Realized one refers to harming a Buddha physically to the point of making him bleed, not things like damaging Buddha statues—although a stream enterer probably wouldn’t do that any way. And a schism in the Sangha has a very specific meaning according to the Vinaya and can only be done by monastics—although it’s also unlikely that a lay stream enterer would cause any kind of intentional disharmony.

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