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Iti 19 Saṁghasāmaggīsutta: Harmony in the Saṅgha

This was said by the Buddha, the Perfected One: that is what I heard.

“One thing, mendicants, arises in the world for the welfare and happiness of the people, for the benefit, welfare, and happiness of gods and humans. What one thing? Harmony in the Saṅgha. When the Saṅgha is in harmony, they don’t argue, insult, block, or reject each other. This inspires confidence in those without it, and increases confidence in those who have it.”

The Buddha spoke this matter. On this it is said:

“A Saṅgha in harmony is happy,
as is support for those in harmony.
Taking a stand on the teaching,
favoring harmony, they ruin no sanctuary.
After creating harmony in the Saṅgha,
they rejoice in heaven for an eon.”

This too is a matter that was spoken by the Blessed One: that is what I heard.

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