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Thag 5.8 Vakkalittheragāthā: Vakkali

“Struck by a wind ailment
while dwelling in a forest grove,
you’ve entered a tough place for gathering alms—
how will you get by, monk?”

“Pervading this bag of bones
with abundant rapture and happiness,
putting up with what’s tough,
I’ll dwell in the forest.

Developing mindfulness meditation,
the faculties and the powers,
developing the factors of awakening,
I’ll dwell in the forest.

Having seen those who are energetic, resolute,
always staunchly vigorous,
harmonious and united,
I’ll dwell in the forest.

Recollecting the Buddha—
the best, the tamed, the serene—
tireless all day and night
I’ll dwell in the forest.”

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