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Thag 4.8 Rāhulattheragāthā: Rāhula

I am known as “Fortunate Rāhula”,
because I’m accomplished in both ways:
I am the son of the Buddha,
and I am seer of truths.

Since my defilements have ended,
since there are no more future lives—
I’m perfected, worthy of offerings,
master of the three knowledges, seer of the deathless.

Blinded by sensual pleasures, trapped in a net,
they are smothered over by craving;
bound by the Kinsman of the Negligent,
like a fish caught in a funnel-net trap.

Having thrown off those sensual pleasures,
having cut Māra’s bond,
and having plucked out craving, root and all:
I’m cooled, extinguished.

To learn about the triple knowledges, read Itv 99 Tevijja Sutta: The Triple Knowledge.

“Kinsman of the Negligent” is another name for Māra.

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