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Thig 5.1 Aññataratherīgāthā: Verses of a Certain Unknown Elder

“For twenty-five years,
since I had gone forth,
I had not experienced serenity of mind,
not even for a split second.

I had not attained peace of mind,
I was overflowing with lust,
and with my arms in the air, crying aloud,
I entered the monastery.

I approached a bhikkhunī,
who I had confidence in.
She taught me the Dhamma:
the aggregates, elements, and sense domains.

Having heard that Dhamma,
I sat down on one side.
I know my past lives,
I have purified my divine eye.

I am able to read the minds of others,
and I have purified the ear element.
I have attained psychic powers,
and reached the destruction of the influences.
I have realized the six special knowledges,
and completed the teaching of the Buddha.”

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