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Thag 6.8 Migajālattheragāthā: Migajāla

It was well-taught by the Clear-eyed One,
the Buddha, kinsman of the Sun,
who has transcended all fetters,
and destroyed all rolling-on.

Emancipating, it leads across,
drying up the root of craving,
and, having cut off the poisonous root, the slaughterhouse,
it leads to quenching.

By breaking the root of unknowing,
it smashes the mechanism of deeds,
and drops the thunderbolt of knowledge
on the taking up of consciousnesses.

It informs us of our feelings,
releasing us from grasping,
contemplating with understanding
all states of existence as a pit of burning coals.

It’s very sweet and very deep,
holding birth and death at bay;
it is the noble eightfold path—
the stilling of suffering, bliss.

Knowing deed as deed
and result as result;
seeing dependently originated phenomena
as if they were in a clear light;
leading to the great sanctuary and peace,
it’s excellent at the end.

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