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Thig 5.2 Vimalātherīgāthā: Verses of the Elder Vimalā

“Intoxicated with this beautiful body,
as well as glory and success,
relying on my youth,
I despised anyone who was not my equal.

Dressed up in flashy outfits,
prattling on,
I stood at the entrance of the pleasure house,
like a hunter setting traps.

I showed off my assets,
I often exposed my private parts,
I deceived people in many ways,
and I made fun of many a person.

Today I walk for alms,
with a shaven-head, wrapped in the outer robe.
Seated at the root of a tree,
I attain the absence of thought.

All attachments have been cut off,
both divine and human.
Having cast away all influences,
I have become cool and quenched.”

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