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Vv 5.1 Maṇḍakadevaputta Sutta: Frog-Deva’s Mansion

Supreme Buddha:

Dear Deva, you are very mighty with many psychic powers. Your beautiful body shines in all directions. Now you are honoring my feet. Who are you?


In my previous life, I was a frog living in a lake. One day I was listening to you preach. At that time a boy who was looking after cows while listening to you preach, accidentally killed me.

For just a brief moment, my mind was very pleased in hearing your voice. But now look at my psychic powers, fame, and beautiful body that I have earned from that very small act of merit.

Oh Gautama Buddha, those people who have been listening to your Dhamma for a long time will attain the fruit of the path where they escape from sorrow.

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