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Thig 3.2 Uttamātherīgāthā: Uttamā

Four or five times
I left my dwelling.
I had failed to find peace of heart,
or any control over my mind.

I approached a nun
in whom I had faith.
She taught me the Dhamma:
the aggregates, sense fields, and elements.

When I had heard her teaching,
in accordance with her instructions,
I sat cross-legged for seven days without moving,
given over to rapture and bliss.
On the eighth day I stretched out my feet,
having shattered the mass of darkness.

Read this translation of Therīgāthā 3.2 Uttamātherīgāthā: Uttamā by Bhikkhu Sujato on

2 thoughts on “Thig 3.2 Uttamātherīgāthā: Uttamā”

  1. Fraterno y cordial saludo.
    Pido el favor de que me envien un audio en español de la recitación de un sutra, como también el texto para poder seguirlo y practicar.
    he tratado de escuchar uno de esta pagina y no me sale el audio, me imagino que estos estarán en inglés.
    Les agradezco la atención a la presente petición.

    • Unfortunately, It looks like doesn’t have Spanish translations of the Theragatha or Therigatha. And, also unfortunately, the only works on specific English and German translations found on Perhaps you could reach out to Ven. Nandisena to see if he knows of a good translation of these texts.

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